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To file a 90-Day Porch Inspection Guarantee please email – please include answers to the below questions in your email.

  1. What was the date of your home inspection?
  2. What is the property address of the home inspected?
  3. What is the home inspection company and inspector name?
  4. What is the nature of the claim including the location of missed item?
  5. Was this item noted in your inspection report?
  6. Have you attempted to notify or resolve this directly with the inspection company?
  7. If there are any photos to share please send them via email.

Once you have emailed the above questions – expect a reply with confirmation your email was received and the next steps.

See below FAQs


What is the Porch Inspection Guarantee?

If an eligible inspector performs a full home inspection for you in compliance with the inspector’s designated standards of practice, and you later find a deficiency that was required to be inspected but was not included in the original home inspection report, then Porch will reimburse you $150 per missed item, up to (a) the home inspection fee you paid or (b) $600 total.

The Porch Inspection Guarantee applies only to inspections performed by eligible inspectors, and is subject to the terms and conditions described below.

Is my home inspector covered?

Only home inspectors who are active users in good standing under the Inspection Support Network (ISN) program at the time of the inspection are eligible to participate in the Porch Inspection Guarantee program. Inspections performed by other inspectors are not covered by the Porch Inspection Guarantee. To confirm whether your home inspector is covered, please email

What does the Porch Inspection Guarantee cover?

The Porch Inspection Guarantee only applies to home inspection reports for full home inspections provided by eligible inspectors and applies only if:

  • A Deficiency was required to be included in your home inspection report under the Designated Standards, and
  • The home inspection report did not include that Deficiency.

Claims under the Porch Inspection Guarantee must be made on a timely basis and are subject to the limitations, definitions, and other terms and conditions on this page.

What does the Porch Inspection Guarantee not cover?

The Porch Inspection Guarantee is intended to provide fixed compensation for missed items in home inspection reports. It does not cover the repair or replacement of the underlying deficiency in the home. In addition, the Porch Inspection Guarantee does not apply to deficiencies that did not exist on the date of the inspection.

The Porch Inspection Guarantee is not a home warranty, a service contract, or an insurance product. If you purchased a home warranty and a component or system in the home fails, please contact your home warranty company to file a claim.

Examples of key excluded items include: The Porch Inspection Guarantee does not cover windows, pools, or mold.

The Porch Inspection Guarantee does not cover inspections of commercial real estate.

See all Excluded Items below.

How long do I have to submit a claim?

You must submit a claim no later than 90 days after the date of the applicable inspection report to be eligible for reimbursement under the Porch Inspection Guarantee. See below for additional details regarding the claims process and documentation requirements. Once you have initiated a claim, you must submit all required documentation to Porch no later than 30 days from the date of your initial claim submission. Claims submitted after the 90-day deadline (or claims for which complete supporting documentation has not been provided within 30 days of the initial claim date will be rejected.

What do I need to do to submit a claim?

All claims under the Porch Inspection Guarantee must be submitted via email to on or before the deadlines described above.

To submit a claim, you will need to:

Provide a copy of the full applicable home inspection report;

  • Provide photographic or other documentary evidence of each Deficiency for which you are submitting a claim; and
  • Certify that you have (a) attempted to resolve the matter directly with your home inspector and (b) checked these terms and conditions and the terms of your inspection contract to confirm that the alleged Deficiency is not an Excluded Item.

Before receiving compensation under the Porch Guarantee you will be required to sign and return a comprehensive waiver, release, and non-disparagement agreement.

The Porch claims administrator reviewing your claim may require you to provide additional information regarding the alleged Deficiency. Porch may also share the information you submit with the applicable home inspector to attempt to resolve the matter. The Porch claim administrator’s determination regarding the existence of a Deficiency and reimbursements under the Porch Inspection Guarantee are final and non-appealable.

If your claim is approved, the Porch claims administrator will notify you via email and confirm your reimbursement amount. Porch will then issue you payment by check, ACH, wire transfer, or other means designated by Porch.

I have questions about the Porch Inspection Guarantee or my claim. Who can I contact?

Questions about pending claims or the terms of the Porch Inspection Guarantee should be directed to


As used in these terms and conditions:

  • Deficiency means a defective item, component or system that is required to be inspected under the Designated Standards, other than any Excluded Item.
  • Designated Standards means the standard of practice and care for full home inspections which is designated in your contract with your home inspector or in the applicable home inspection report, which must be from a recognized professional association or state regulatory body supervising home inspectors. If your inspector does not designate a standard of practice in his or her contract or home inspection report, then Porch will determine the applicable standard of care based on prevailing standards of practice and will determine whether, under that standard of care, a particular item constitutes a Deficiency.
  • Excluded Item means any of the following:
    • Any item, component, or system located outside of the foundation area of the real property that is the subject of the home inspection report;
    • Any item which your inspector disclaims responsibility for inspecting, whether in your inspection contract or in the home inspection report.
    • Any item, system, or component that was not available to be inspected by the inspector (for example, because the item, system, or component needed to be operating in order to be inspected and it was shut down or otherwise inoperable at the time of the inspection, or because connecting piping, wiring and/or components were not readily accessible and visible at the time of the inspection);
    • Any system or component installed or method utilized to control or remove suspected hazardous substances;
    • Public or private waste disposal systems;
    • Swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs, and any related appliances or fixtures;
    • Stoppage of water for any reason;
    • Any consequential or incidental damages;
    • Any item, system, or component that is not in compliance with applicable codes, regulations, and/or ordinances, and any deficiencies related to such non-compliant item, system, or component;
    • Any deficiency or failure of any items, systems, or components occurring after the home inspection is performed; or
    • Any additional services such as radon tests, mold tests, or any other service provided by the inspector in addition to the full home inspection.
    • Commercial Properties
  • Full Home Inspection means a defective item, component, or system that is required to be inspected under the Designated Standards, other than any Excluded Item.

Additional Terms.

Not an Insurance Policy, Service Contract, or Home Warranty. The Porch Inspection Guarantee is not intended to and does not provide insurance coverage of any kind. It is not a service contract or home warranty. It does not represent a commitment or undertaking by Porch to indemnify a homeowner or any other party or pay a specified amount upon determinable contingencies, or otherwise provide security against loss. The Porch Inspection Guarantee is not insurance of the risk that any inspected system or component will remain free from defect for any period of time.

Modification of Terms. Porch reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Porch Inspection Guarantee at any time, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice.

Governing Law. These terms and conditions and any dispute hereunder will be governed solely by the United States and Indiana state law, without regard to conflict of law provisions.

Venue. Any claim or dispute under these terms and conditions shall be brought only in courts of competent jurisdiction located in King County, Washington. By participating in the Porch Inspection Guarantee program, you hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such courts and waive any objection on the grounds of venue, forum non-conveniens or any similar grounds with respect to any such proceeding.

Email to submit a claim.

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