As the leaves change color and the temperature cools down, now is the perfect time to add curb appeal to your home. Whether you’re looking to improve the property value before putting it on the market or make it more inviting for family and friends, these five tips will help give your home a easy and affordable facelift and boost fall curb appeal this season.

Boost Fall Curb Appeal: Plant Mums

This quintessential fall flower comes in various colors and is usually available at a local nursery or home improvement store in the fall. Add pots of mums to the front porch, along the walkway, or any other spot where you’d like a pop of color.

Rake the Leaves

Keep the yard clean and clear of leaves if you’re listing your home for sale. Raking leaves allows potential buyers to see the healthy green grass and makes the entire property look well-kept.

Use Pumpkins to Boost Fall Curb Appeal

Celebrate the fall season without breaking the bank by adding artificial or natural pumpkins to your yard. Arrange a few pumpkins on the front porch, a patio table, or even in window boxes for a festive touch that boosts the appearance of the exterior of your home.

Paint the Front Door

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your entryway door is a wonderful way to brighten your home and improve curb appeal. Choose a color that compliments the current style and decor of the property.

A new doormat is another small change that will boost the entryway’s look. If the current mat looks worn or dated, replace it with something new that fits your autumn aesthetic. Choose earth tones, plaids, or a design with a leaf motif.

Illuminate the Entryway

As the days get shorter, you can improve safety and boost curb appeal by making sure the entryway is well-lit. Potential buyers may drive by the property in the evenings; good lighting will make the home look warm and welcoming. If you don’t already have outdoor lighting, now is the perfect time to install walkway lights along paths and motion-sensor lights.

LED stake lights are simple to install and look great lining a driveway or walkway to the front door.

With these tips, you can quickly and inexpensively boost curb appeal this fall. You’ll make your home more attractive and inviting to interested home buyers and friends and family who visit.

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