If you’re thinking of planting a garden, you might envision a large soil bed with vegetables growing in rows. Some homeowners picture well-manicured flower beds with brightly colored annuals. However, if your yard is tiny or you don’t have a yard at all, here are a few helpful tips for gardening in a small space. 

Small Spaces for Gardening

When you want to plant a garden, you must first assess the available space so you can plan it properly. You might set aside an area indoors, on a small balcony, or on the front porch. Here are a few ideas for making the best use of a small space for a garden at home. 

Gardening in a Small Space: Build Up

You don’t need much room to start a garden. An unused corner that gets adequate light is enough to get started. Choose tall, shallow shelving or corner stands that hold pots or planters. Tall shelving provides space without using very much square footage.

Vertical gardens outdoors are also a good idea, especially when you have limited space. Use trellises against fences or walls, leaving room for plant growth. In container gardens, you can grow vegetables, flowers, tomatoes, grasses, vines, and ivy.

Gardening in a Small Space: Indoors

When space is limited, think outside the box. An empty wall is perfect for a vertical garden. Felt planter pockets mount directly on the wall and are excellent for growing herbs and small plants indoors. 

Shelving installed in a sunny area is a great place to grow houseplants. Hang small pots of herbs or flowers on plant hooks near a sunny window.

Indoors, low-light plants such as bamboo, pothos, and Chinese evergreen will do just fine in a shady corner of a room.

Gardening in a Small Space: Outdoors

For a small balcony, narrow window-box-style planters are easy to find online or in stores and simple to mount to a balcony railing. Stacking planters are a great space maximizing option for the corner of a deck.

Baskets attached to a post or hanging from a hook provide space for cherry tomatoes and edible flowers like nasturtiums and pansies.

Plants only need water, light, and high-quality soil. How you make that happen is an opportunity to get creative with your living spaces and personalize when gardening in a small space.

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