Absolutely. You’re not just buying a renovated kitchen and beautifully design screened patio, “you’re also buying ALL problems which are a part of the home in the crawlspace and in the attic,” Your home inspection is a chance to avoid these expensive problems—or, use the results to from your home inspection to negotiate with the seller to offset costs for repairs.
Your home inspection starts at the roof covering and ends in the basement or crawlspace which also includes everything in between Major home systems and components are included: Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, and Heating and Cooling. You can also include supplemental inspections for more information on your home. Tests for Environmental issues (Radon gas, Mold, Septic systems, and Water quality). You can also add Specialized inspections which include: Thermal imaging, Wood Destroying Insects, and Drone image capturing. A good inspection, by a certified professional inspector who follows a set Standards of Practice, and carries insurance, costs about $300-$500 and takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size and age of the house.
After you receive your comprehensive home inspection report you’ll need to evaluate whether there are any major issues and concerns- such as serious structural defects or items which would make the home uninsurable. Maintenance items are usually included and can be handled once you take ownership so you shouldn’t avoid nitpicking with the seller. You can ask the person selling the home to pay for repairs or give you a credit at closing so that you can choose the contractors and materials you prefer. (which is my choice being it allows me to bring in the contractors I am comfortable with and know they will do a great job)
A great tip to follow: If there are warranties and paperwork on newly installed systems, components, or general home repairs- gather all paperwork and keep in a file with all your paperwork during the sale of your new home for reference)
Another great tip: Use our Affordable. Worthwhile. and Professional home inspection services,

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