When you are selling your home, you likely have a long to-do list. Once you have prepared the house for potential buyers to tour, it is time to create the home’s online listing. An eye-catching listing will attract interested buyers. Here are 5 ways to boost the appeal of your listing.

High-Quality Photographs for Your Home’s Online Listing

Hire a skilled photographer to take photos of your house when listing it for sale. No matter how beautiful and pristine your house is, it won’t look that way in low-resolution photos. A professional will know how to get the best shots of your home that will appeal to buyers.

Open up blinds and drapes to let light in when taking photos of the house. Clean it thoroughly before the photoshoot. Pressure wash the siding, deck, and walkways to make the exterior look new.

Highlight Unique Details

Focus on what makes your home stand out in the online description. Mention unique details to highlight the character of the home. Homebuyers browse through hundreds of available homes online, so you want them to be able to easily remember yours.

Green Features

Have you done anything to improve energy efficiency in the home? Mention any green features that help save energy. You may have ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, triple-pane windows, or even solar panels on the roof. Include these green features as a main focus in the listing.

Include Plenty of Kitchen Photos in Your Home’s Online Listing

Homebuyers often care about the state of the kitchen more than any other room in the house. Include plenty of photos of the kitchen, both overviews of the entire room and close-ups of the details. When they see a beautiful kitchen, they will want to tour the rest of the home.

Brag About Upgrades

Point out any upgrades you have made during your time living in the home. Perhaps you built a back deck or refinished the attic or built an outdoor kitchen. Mentioning all the upgrades you completed helps justify the asking price.

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