Flashing was protected by sealant only in various areas of roof covering. Using only sealant is improper roof flashing and the homeowner should consider this improper flashing temporary. Metal flashing should be used to provide more protection. Improper roof flashing may allow moisture intrusion resulting in damage to home contents or materials. Sealant should be checked annually and re-applied as necessary. A better solution would be the installation of metal flashing with counter flashing installed up the wall.

Another contributing issue for moisture to enter the home at improper roof flashing is the collection of leaves. The roof was built in a way where the leaves which fell on the roof could not easily blow off and would accumulate at this area. Because of the improper roof flashing leaves could retain moisture and slowly begin routing into the building. With this kind of issue, area holding moisture against the roof and fascia, improper roof flashing will let the water enter the home.

Controlling water and keeping it away from your home is one of the most important tasks you will need to focus on while owning a home.