Many home buyers wonder whether they need to get a New Construction Inspection if they’re investing in a brand new home. Scheduling a New Construction Inspection is highly recommended. No home is perfect, not even a new one, and whether due to shoddy workmanship or a builder’s error, it’s best to have an objective 3rd party home inspector inspect the home before your final walk-through with your builder. You’ll be responsible for a great many of the issues that come up during a New Construction Inspection when it comes time to resell, so it’s helpful to catch these issues before they become more severe.

Why You Need a New Construction Inspection

People often assume that because a home is new, there won’t be any issues with it. This simply isn’t the case; home inspectors tend to find all kinds of problems when they inspect new construction. Building a home is complicated, and there will be many contractors working on building its systems and components without necessarily thinking about the other parts involved. It is likely that something will be missed, and the builder can’t possibly catch every little detail. It’s your home inspector’s job to inspect the home and find all of the defects that you wouldn’t know about or that the builder would have missed.

City Building Inspections Are Different from Home Inspections

A municipal building inspector’s job is to make sure that the building complies with building codes, which are only minimum standards. This is not to say that the municipal building inspector’s job isn’t important; it’s simply not enough to ensure that your new home will be safe, free from defects, and comfortable for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Fixing the Issues

If your home inspector uncovers issues with your new construction home, you can make arrangements for repairs before your move-in date. This will be far more convenient than having to deal with construction occurring while you’re actually trying to live in the house.

Catching Defects Early

If your new home has any safety issues or defects, the home inspector will uncover them and share them with you. This means that you’ll be able to make sure that they’re taken care of before they turn into major problems.

Preparing for Resale

Even though you haven’t even moved in yet, it pays to have reselling the property on your mind. When you go to sell the house, it will be subject to a Buyer’s Inspection. The buyer’s inspector will uncover the problems with your house, and by that time, it will be long past the date when you can still ask the builder to address them.

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