Don’t let the excitement of purchasing a home overshadow the need for a home inspection. You’ll spend many weeks or months finding a house to buy and the inspection is one of the most important steps in the process. Order a home inspection and make the final sale contingent on the inspector’s findings.

Find Problems That Aren’t Obvious

Even the most attractive house can have issues. Your inspector will examine the attic, foundation, roofing, structure, electrical system, and other components of the property. He or she will determine the approximate age of the systems, identify safety concerns, and recommend items that need to be repaired or replaced.

Order a Home Inspection to Uncover Structural Issues

Your inspector will examine all structural aspects of the home. If there are problems with the foundation, for example, they will be described in the inspection report. Structural issues may cause you to reconsider your offer on the property or negotiate for a lower price.

Roof Problems

It is important to know the condition of the roof on the house you’re buying. A roof replacement can cost up to $10,000. Your home inspector will assess the roofing materials, the approximate age of the roof, and any necessary repairs.

Safety Issues

Homebuyers should order a home inspection to find out if there are any safety concerns in the home. For example, the inspector might uncover hazards with the electrical system. The information provided in the report allows you to understand the extent of the issue and what needs to be done about it.

Order a Home Inspection and Gain Negotiating Power

If the home inspector discovers problems, your contract may let you to renegotiate or back out of the deal. The home inspection report may provide the information you need to negotiate with. You can request that the seller make repairs before closing or ask for a price reduction.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues

An inspection report will help you gauge how much money you need to budget for long-term maintenance. Typically, newer homes will have fewer problems. An older house often requires more money for ongoing repairs and maintenance. The inspector may find issues that will require long-term planning, even on a newly constructed house. If the grading was not done properly, the homeowner may face drainage and eventually foundation issues.

Order a Home Inspection for Peace of Mind

You want to be confident about your home purchase, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer.  An inspection provides peace of mind because you will learn about the actual condition of the home: exterior, roof, basement, foundation, plumbing, wiring, and other areas of the property.

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