Springtime Outdoor Home Maintenance Tasks

Warm weather will be here before you know it. You’re ready to work on your tan, take a dip in the pool and fire up the grill. However, before you kick back in your hammock and relax, you need to tackle some outdoor home maintenance tasks. You’ve had plenty of time to work on the inside during the colder weather, so you need to head outside for these tasks. It’s time for you to clean up the damage from winter and transform your outdoor living area. A handy maintenance checklist will keep you on track and get you back to relaxing as soon as possible. So here are seven tasks that you will be glad you completed before it’s too hot outside.

1. Check the Patios and Walkways

Old Man Winter’s freezing temperatures can be hard on your brick, stone, and concrete surfaces. Look for any uneven pavers caused by erosion and cracks. You want them to be even and safe. A bag of playground sand can help level the surfaces to avoid tripping. Replace any broken pieces to keep your curb appeal impeccable.

2. Fertilize Your Lawn

Most lawns are beautiful and green after a season of snow and rain. Mother Nature gave you a boost in your lawn care this year, but you still need to feed it. A high-nitrogen fertilizer will help to keep weeds at bay. You want your lawn to look good all summer, so using a push powered spreader can simplify this task. Even better than commercial fertilizers are a home-based compost pile. Calling in a lawn care company can cost more than $40 a treatment, but you can do-it-yourself to save some money.

3. Repair Gates and Fences

If you have any wood fencing around your home, the moisture from the winter weather can cause your wood to warp or twist. Your garden gate may not close right anymore because it fell out of alignment. Walk the perimeter of your fence and look for any sagging spots or loose boards. All you need is a nail gun, screwdriver, and some good galvanized nails and screws to fix this problem. It will be another item off your maintenance checklist, and the kids and pets can play out back without issue.

4. Wash the Outside Windows

You’ve probably already cleaned all the fingerprints off the inside of your windows, but the rain and snow can leave the outside a spotted mess. There are many methods to do this without breaking the bank. One way is to screw on a spray window cleaner made for your garden hose. Another method is to grab the window cleaner and a rag and do it the old-fashioned way.

5. Mulch Your Flower Beds

The flower beds often erode over the winter months, so you’ll likely need to add more dirt and mulch before you plant anything. You must have anywhere between two to four inches of mulch. It’s easier and more cost-effective if you have mulch delivered by the truckload. Forget carrying all those bags in your vehicle. For every 100 square feet that you need to mulch, you will need at least one cubic yard of materials.

6. Service the Grill

Now that your outdoor home maintenance tasks are almost complete, it’s time to service the grill for the first barbeque of the year. You don’t want to make hamburgers and ribs on a dirty grill. A good grill brush can tackle just about any dirt and grease left over from last year. Clean the gas hoses, and make sure that the connections are tight. It’s best to keep the grills covered with foil to prevent significant cleanup hassles in the future.

After completing some outdoor home maintenance tasks, you can enjoy your outside living area and spend time planning your summer vacation. There’s nothing like warmer weather to put you in a good mood.

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