Painting a room in your home is a relatively easy DIY project. Fresh paint will brighten your living spaces and help increase the value of your home. If you have never painted before, here are a few tips and tricks to paint like a pro.

Choose High-Quality Products

The first task is to gather supplies and determine how much paint you will need to purchase. Make sure to accurately calculate the total square footage of the area you are painting. Buy enough paint for two coats and purchase paint made for the specific surface.

For a professional paint job, don’t cut corners when it comes to buying your materials. Cheaper items will not give you the best outcome. Invest in quality brushes, paint rollers, and painter’s tape. If you are unsure which products you’ll need, research online or ask the professional in the paint department at your local hardware store.

With quality products, you won’t have as many touch-ups because the paint provides better coverage. The finished job will be more polished, without drips, streaks, or splotchy paint.

Prep the Surface to Paint Like a Pro

Before applying paint, repair holes, cracks, and dents. Spackle and then sand to make the surface smooth and crack-free. A clean, smooth surface sets you up for your primer coat. Don’t skip prepping the surface. Paint won’t fill holes and your finished wall will have bumps and cracks that will show through your new color.

Use a Primer

The purpose of a good primer is to make sure the base is smooth and sealed so that the paint will better adhere to the surface. If you’re painting the room a light color, opt for white primer. When applying a darker color, choose a gray primer. Follow the instructions for your primer and allow it to dry completely before painting the room.

Tips to Paint Like a Pro

When painting your home, here are a few more tips to follow.

1) Let the roller do the work; applying excess pressure is unnecessary.
2) Paint from top to bottom and fix the mistakes as you go.
3) Determine how thick to apply paint for full coverage. An application that is too thick may create an undesirable texture.

Take time to prepare the surface and choose quality products before tackling a DIY painting task. Don’t hesitate to ask the pros at your home improvement store for advice. You’ll save money and take pride in a job well done when you learn to paint your home like a pro.

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