Structural problems in your home are unsafe and can cost you thousands in repair bills. Be vigilant by checking for signs of structural problems. Here are some ways to spot structural issues in your home.

Cracks on Interior Walls and Ceilings are Signs of Structural Problems

Some settling of the home is normal, but if you begin seeing cracks in walls, it may mean that the foundation of the house is shifting. The issues tend to be serious when you notice cracks on the walls.

If you notice vertical or horizontal cracks along the seams of the drywall or there are cracks extending from the corners of windows or doors, have a professional evaluate your home. Wide cracks in the foundation are also warning signs that may be compromising the home’s structure.

A Damp Crawl Space

If you have a crawl space or a basement in the house, check it for water intrusion. Dampness and moisture in the lowest levels of the home can cause widespread rot and mold growth, threatening the entire structure.

Cracked Exterior Foundation

Check the area where the foundation meets the ground. If you notice cracks in the foundation, soil pulling away from the walls, or improper drainage, these can be signs of structural problems in your home. The deck area, porch, or patio are also areas that may see pulling away of soil or cracks due to a shifting foundation.

Bulging Exterior Walls are Signs of Structural Problems

It is natural for some small cracks to occur on a property’s walls over time, but if you notice big gaps in the bricks or mortar or see that the walls are bulging in some areas, the problem is likely structural.

One of the most definite signs of structural problems in your home is cracks that run across the walls and are visible in the same spot from both inside and outside.

Faulty Windows and Doors

Doors and windows often start showing signs of structural problems in your home before other areas of the house. If you notice doors or windows separating from the walls, not opening or closing smoothly, have uneven gaps around them, stay ajar, or do not lock properly, call a professional to assess the foundation and make repairs.

A home is a big investment. It is essential that you look for signs of structural problems in your home so that you can get them fixed as soon as possible to protect your family from safety hazards.

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