Maintaining a home is a major part of homeownership. It takes a few tools to complete tasks beyond changing a light bulb or resetting a breaker. Buying all the tools that you need as a new homeowner can be expensive, so you may need to build up your collection over time.  Here are five basic tools that every homeowner should have.

A Hammer is One of the Most Important Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A hammer comes in handy for many simple jobs around the house, from installing outdoor string lights to hanging artwork. A quality hammer will provide many years of use for countless household jobs. Choose a 14 ounce hammer that has a comfortable grip.

Screwdrivers are Used for a Variety of Tasks

Screwdrivers can be used in many different applications. The same screwdriver that is used for assembling furniture is also great for prying open paint cans, removing staples from wood, and pulling up old carpet tacks. Screwdrivers are used for tightening screws on cabinet handles, adjusting toilet tank valves, and opening battery compartments on electronics. Get a set that includes both flat and Phillips screwdrivers in a variety of sizes so that you always have a good fit.

Pliers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Homeowners are annoyed by constant leaks, wobbly furniture, and rattling sounds. For most of those problems, the solution is to tighten the hardware. A good set of pliers is the right tool for the job. Slip-joint and needle-nose pliers are the two most commonly used types. Pliers are useful tools for dealing with home plumbing problems. You may also want to invest in some basic plumbing tools for your home, too.

Wrenches of Different Sizes

The standard fasteners for wood are nails and screws, but most metal applications use nuts and bolts. While adjustable wrenches seem like a good solution, the fact is they can slip on the nut, stripping its corners and making it impossible to remove. Buy a set of crescent and box-end wrenches to prevent this problem.

Every Homeowner Should Have a Drill

A drill is the only power tool to make the list of tools every homeowner should have. Using a drill for driving screws is faster and easier than driving screws by hand. You can also use it for drilling holes of various sizes. A cordless drill with a set of various bits and drivers is essential for homeownership.

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