All too often rookie carpenters or do-it-yourself homeowners will not install joist hangers correctly. That’s a recipe for disaster if the joist hangers are not fit properly. They don’t have the inherent strength to support the weight from above, especially if they are not installed correctly.

Joist hangers come in many sizes to support different dimensional sizes of lumber and I-joists. The joist hangers you’ll find at home centers typically have a galvanized coating and will work indoors and out.

The performance specifications for each type of joist hanger are carefully engineered and tested to meet the approval of local building codes. Joist hangers are sold according to the size of joists or beams they fit and their load capacity. Home centers typically stock the most common hangers. When installing the joist hangers, you should ensure the bottom of the joist is snug to the bottom of the joist. You should also make sure when installing you use all the provided holes for fastening the joist hanger to the joist. This should ensure the necessary strength at the connection points.