If left untreated, water damage can cost you BIG money, especially if it goes for long periods of time without recognizing and repairing the issue.

Look for signs of water damage and repair areas leaking before it gets out of hand. You may clean your bathrooms frequently but mold and mildew can show up in places very quickly. These mildewed areas are where you should focus in on while looking for water damage. It is normal to see mildew in wet locations where water is frequently used but when it becomes more visible more quickly it should alert you to issues which may be severe.

Corners of bathroom showers and sinks can show water damage but it doesn’t mean it was caused by plumbing. Water damage can come from leakage from water not being properly contained. Sometimes the bath or shower are not level and when water is used in the showers the splashing water will simply travel downwards and will stop once it hits the wall and is the cause of water damage. The water will saturate the wall and eventually cause you major headaches.

Walls can become soft and begin to bubble, which can then begin to warp and break in areas. When areas stay saturated over long periods of time can cause several issues besides wall covering water damage. Saturated drywall can also mean the framing behind the wall is also damaged and/or the ceiling or floor below fixture is also damaged.