It takes work to keep your living spaces clean and contaminant-free. Fortunately, there are simple upgrades for a healthier home that don’t take a lot of effort. Here are 5 small investments in your home that will make a big impact on your family’s wellness.

Doormats are Upgrades for a Healthier Home

The most affordable upgrades to help keep your home cleaner are doormats. Have a heavy-duty doormat and a boot scrubber outside each exterior door and a mat on the inside of the door. This gives people two places to wipe their feet as they come inside.

Bacteria, germs, dirt, pollen, and pesticides can be tracked in on shoes, all of which are unhealthy in your home. Take it a step further and encourage people to remove their shoes once they come inside. Keep a small shelf or cubby in the foyer to stow away shoes.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can cost a couple of hundred dollars each, but they are a great investment in your family’s respiratory health. HEPA purifiers capture tiny particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. They are 99.97 effective at removing particulates from the air. An air purifier is rated by how many square feet it can treat, so measure your rooms and then place one in each bedroom and communal living space.

Water Filters are Upgrades for a Healthier Home

Many of us drink a good amount of our home’s tap water. Water quality varies, depending on where you live and whether you get it from a well or the city supply. Unfortunately, it’s not safe to assume that your drinking water is pure. Communities throughout the country have been exposed to water containing lead, volatile organic compounds, chlorine, and other unhealthy substances. There is a type of water filter for most all contaminants. Have your water tested to decide what type of water filter will work best in your home.

Robotic Vacuum

There is no substitute for regular deep cleaning, but if you don’t have time to clean every day, invest in a robotic vacuum. The technology for robot vacuums is at its peak and recent advancements have made them more affordable and effective. You can clean your floors every day with just the push of a button. Clean floors improve your air quality at home.

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