Advice for a House Remodel: 20 Tips to Ensure Success

It may be tempting to jump right into selecting new paint colors, fixtures, and fittings, but it’s essential to consider several factors in advance to ensure a seamless process. In this article, we provide 20 tips for planning a successful house remodel.

Know Your End Goal

Before you start, you need to know what your end goal is. Are you renovating to raise the resale value of your home or will you be staying put for years to come? Having a specific plan in place for your future will help you decide how deep to go with your project.

Have a Budget

Knowing your budget is one of the most important parts of renovation planning. Remember to add in a contingency fund for any unexpected costs, as well as incidental costs like the cost of eating out for a kitchen reno or even taking a hotel for a night or two.

Consult the Calendar

If you’re hoping for a brand new home for a particular event or holiday, make sure you look at your end date and work your way backward.

Do Your Research

Take the time to chat with friends, family, and neighbors about the renovation work they have done, and the challenges they have faced during the process.

Know Your Limits

DIY renos are a great way to save money and involve the entire family, but they can turn disastrous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Ask for References

Any good contractor will have no problem providing references and copies of liability insurance before a job begins.

Pack Up

To make any house remodel as simple as possible, declutter, pack up or move any items in the renovation zone.

Consider Your Routine

Be sure to be clear about your daily routine, and work with the contractor to come up with start and end times that cause the least disruption in your family’s day.

Establish Mission Control

Reserve an area of your home to act as mission control to keep all your tools, materials, manuals, and checklists in one place.

Protect the Kids

Be sure to install child safety gates, electrical safety covers, and store sharp tools well out of the way of curious tots.

Don’t Forget the Pets

When doing a house remodel, consider the safety and care of your pets, which could mean having a family member or friend pet-sit while the bulk of the work is getting done.

Plan for Outages

If your home is lacking plumbing shut-off valves in the area you are working on, you may have to shut the water off at the main valve, leaving your home without access to running water.

Make a Master List

To have the best chance of success, and to help in the budgeting process, make a master checklist of items you need.

Prioritize Function Over Form

It’s important to prioritize the function of the space over the form.

Take into Account the Style of the Home

When planning a renovation, it’s important to take into account the style of the home and how the renovation will fit into the existing architecture.

Don’t Overbuild for the Neighborhood

Be careful not to overbuild for the neighborhood, as this may not result in a good return on investment.

Consider Energy Efficiency

A house remodel is a great opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Hire the Right People

Make sure to hire the right people for the job. This includes contractors, architects, and designers who have experience with the type of project you’re undertaking.

Keep the Future in Mind

When planning a renovation, keep the future in mind. Think about how your needs may change over time and plan accordingly.

Enjoy the Process

While a house remodel can be stressful, it’s important to enjoy the process and have fun along you prioritize which ones to purchase first and which can wait until later.

In conclusion, planning a successful house remodel requires careful consideration and preparation. From setting a budget and obtaining permits to staying organized and communicating effectively with your contractor, there are many factors to keep in mind. By following these tips and taking the time to plan ahead, you can ensure that your renovation goes smoothly and results in the home of your dreams.

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