Termites are voracious pests that devour cellulose, which means they’re a danger to your actual cash, as well as to your bank account. That’s right, termites don’t just eat wood – any of your possessions made of natural materials, including your clothes and even your money are in danger of termite damage, and termites can easily find their way into your home. This means that these tiny pests might already be unwelcome guests, which is why we’re providing you with helpful tips to prevent the property damage that termites are notorious for causing.

1. Schedule A Termite (Wood Destroying Organism/Wood Destroying Insect) Inspection

Be sure to hire a top-notch home inspector to inspect your home for signs of termite damage and other destructive pests. It’s best to catch an infestation as early as possible, and you’ll want a home inspector’s well-trained eyes to check for any early warning signs. If evidence is discovered, your home inspector will recommend mitigation measures so that the problem can be taken care of in a timely manner. As an added bonus, your home inspector will inspect for signs of other wood destroying organisms, such as carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-boring beetles.

2. Reduce Moisture

Termites rely on water, so be sure to check for wet entryways, including broken roof tiles and leaking pipes. Better yet, hire a professional to conduct a thorough WDI inspection for you. They may even have access to tools like moisture meters and infrared thermographic cameras that will aid in the search.

3. Explore Your Attic for Termite Damage

Termites consider your attic to be a prime territory. Do the beams or other wooden areas feel soft? If so, there may be excess moisture or damage from termites, so take this as a red flag! Beware of using cardboard boxes as storage containers and switch to plastic if you want to protect your possessions from wood-eating insects.

4. Watch for Termite Damage in your Garage Storage

Do you use your garage for storage purposes? It’s easy for termites to get in and feed on any item containing cellulose, so be sure to use metal shelving units and keep them away from the walls.

5. Clear Out Unnecessary Wood From Your Yard and Garden

Old tree stumps and moisture-rich wood mulch are like a 24-hour diner for termites, which are typically subterranean creatures. Clear out the tree stumps and stick to using mulch made from alternative materials. You should also make sure that there are at least 18 inches between your home and any soil. Additionally, be sure to store firewood and any lumber well away from your house.

By taking proper preventative measures, you can help keep wood destroying insects like swarming termites where they belong – well away from your home and your other prized possessions. But remember, termites can still strike when and where you least expect them to, so it’s always best to hire a trained professional to check for the signs of these destructive pests since you’re less likely to spot them on your own!


AWP Home Inspections offers WDI/Termite Inspections to West Central and Central Indiana to address the common problem of wood destroying insects in our area. We recommend including a WDI/Termite Inspection with your Home Inspection before you buy, or contact us if you have concerns about termite damage or the threat of wood destroying insects in the home you are currently living in.